Dear sir,

We wish to inform that the GST Rates for the Hydraulic Pumps, Gear Pumps & Hydraulic Pump Spares is reduced from GST 28% to GST 18%

Vide Notification No:41/2017-Central Tax (Rate), dt. 14-11-2017 to give effect to GST Council decisions regarding GST Rates..

The details are as below:-

A}. HYDRAULIC PUMP – HSN CODE : 84136090 – GST 18% – With effect from 15.11.2017

B). GEAR PUMP – HSN CODE : 84136010 – GST 18% – With effect from 15.11.2017

C). HYDRAULIC PUMP SPARES – HSN CODE : 84139190 – GST 18% – With effect from 15.11.2017

The above mentioned GST Rates are with effect from 15th Nov’17.


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