YUKEN India Limited (New Products )

YUKEN India Limited (New Products )

October 5, 2017



Please find the below YUKEN  new products EI sheets

■    Pressure Reducing Modular Valves

■    Features

    Sandwich plate design.

•    Porting pattern to DIN 24 340 from A,

       ISO 4401 CETOP-RP 121 H,

•    6 pressure ratings

•    Sleeve with Hexagonal protective cap.

•    Pressure reduction in port P.




Functional Description

Pressure Reducing valves type HMRP are 3 way direct operated pressure reducing valves of sandwich plate design with a pressure relief function on the secondary side. It is used to reduce the system pressure.

The secondary pressure is set by the pressure adjustment screw


Minimum Adjustment Pressure

varies according to the back pressure at tank line. Therefore, please obtain it from the following formula.

Min. Adjustment Pressure = Value obtained from minimum adjustment pressure characteristics curve and back pressure at tank line.

The back pressure at the tank line should be obtained by adding the tank line pressure drop for each valve to be stacked.

To make pressure adjustment, loosen the lock nut and turn the pressure adjustment screw clockwise or anticlockwise.

For an increase of pressure, turn the screw clockwise. Be sure to re-tighten the lock nut firmly after making adjustment to the pressure


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