Yuken Piston Pump

Piston Pump :

The Cartridge Piston Pump is a fixed displacement. It is designed to be installed into a customer’s cavity, and driven by a customer supplied (and mounted) electric motor. This cartridge pump is also capable of operating with a variety of non-abrasive, non water-based fluids. There are three pump standard pump displacements available for the Cartridge Piston Pumps.

The Cartridge Piston Pumps have no threaded ports but instead, rely on the correct interface of the customer’s. A 10 micron suction line filter is recommended to protect the cartridge piston pump and the system. Both the Miniature Piston Pumps and Cartridge Piston Pumps can operate with a variety of non-abrasive, non water based fluids,  Commonly used fluids include Automotive Transmission Fluid, hydraulic oils, DOT3 brake fluid. If users wish to use alternative oil, hydraulic fluid, ATF, or other they are warned to check that they have the same properties as those recommended.

For further Technical details or Inquiries mail to info@jsdgroup.in or visit


Some of Yuken regular piston pump available ex stock :

AR 16-FR-01-C-22

AR 16-FR-01-B-22


A 22-FR-01C20

AR 22-FR-01C-22

AR 22-FR-01B22 





A 56-F-R-04-H-K-32

 SA 56-F-R-01-H-K-32  

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