Pressure switch

Semiconductor pressure switch :

Anyone can easily set the pressure switches.Real time pressure indication the actual pressure is always displayed. It can be easily operated by the pressure switches. High visibility Pressure values can easily be seen even from distant and dark place. Actual pressures setting method can be set by the pressure switches without conscious of notion of a differential pressure. Wide setting range of differential pressure can be adjusted to a large extent. Relay contact output can hook up terminals and the pressure switches in a similar way of wiring mechanical pressure switches.Wiring with a connector is one output type pressure switches have adopted a connector wiring method.

Two types of the pressure setting method is either an external setting method or an internal setting method. Two types of the housing A pressure port location can be selected from the two types, bottom and back.


The PZA series are renewal analog type semiconductor switches that inherit the greatest benefit of their predecessors, the PZ series, which was proven from assured actual characteristics of compact and high performance. The PZA series have realized much high accuracy, simplicity and lower cost.

Simplicity you can hook up terminals of the pressure switches in a similar way of wiring mechanical pressure switches. A relay output type has been added in addition to the conventional transistor output type, the relay output type has come into the family. High cost performance.

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