Yuken hydraulic accessories:

Suction Strainer:

Pressure Gauge : 

Temperature Gauge :

Gauge Isolator :

Air Blast Type Oil Cooler :

 General Information This valve is designed to use when a pump starts to bleed off the air which is enclosed in a suction line or another lines in the system.
When this valve is used to bleed off the air for pump start, connect inlet port of the valve adjacent as much as possible to the discharge port of the pump. For the purpose of removing the air in the line, install the air bleed valve at the highest point in the overall circuit. In either case, outlet port of the valve must be connected to the tank line and it should be extended under the oil level in the reservoir.

Hydraulic Fluids Type of Hydraulic Fluids Petroleum Base Oil :
Use R&O (Rust and Oxidation inhibitor) type oils or anti-ware type oils (equivalent to ISO VG-32 & 46). 

Synthetic Fluids:
Use Phosphate ester type fluids or polyol ester type fluids. Water Containing Fluids :
Use water glycol type fluids or water in oil emulsion type fluids. 
Other Special Fluids
Consult factory for information. “F5” Series Pipe Flange Kits This flange mounting surface measurements is based upon SAE 4 Bolt Spring Flange (Standard Pressure Series). 

Specifications Max:
 Operating Pressure Maximum operating pressure varies with the type of pipe connection or flange size. Refer to the applicable installation drawing.

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