Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

JSD Engineering Product is one of the leading manufacturers of all kind/size hydraulic manifold blocks for hydraulic applications in India, based on customer requirements and applications. We deliver products completely based on the custom requirement of clients. It regulates fluid flow between pumps and actuators and other components in a hydraulic system. it lets the operator control how much fluid flows between components of a hydraulic machinery. The manifold is connected to the levers in the operator’s cabin, which the operator uses to achieve the desired behavior. A manifold is composed of assorted hydraulic valves connected to each other. It is the various combinations of states of these valves that allow complex control behavior in a manifold.A manifold reduces space, pressure drop, requires less fittings, less assembly time, and reduced leak points, in addition to providing a neat and logical layout. These manifolds can handle high pressures and internal passages can be cut to any shape needed, so nearly any flow rate can be accommodated with minimal pressure drop.JSD Engineering Product brings long experience and accumulated expertise to bear on the applications of our customers. You can choose our best quality manifold block from our product catalogue.Yes, I am Interested


● Best designs with advanced technology
● High quality manufacturing of manifolds
● Steel, cast iron and aluminum materials
● World leading components
● Greatly efficient
● Low-cost maintenance and user friendly

How Can We Help?

JSD Engineering Product supplies a wide range of hydraulic manifold blocks adjusted to your special requirements. We are sure that you are in a constant state of research trying to better your work capabilities and that’s exactly what our best range of highly efficient off the shelf engineered products and components can do.Want to discuss more designs and specifications? Call us at +(91)-9667555320Varied Capacity | Export Facility | Legacy of Quality | Indestructible designs Get Quote You will get a reply from our experts’ team within 24 hours.

J. S. D. Engineering Products – Steering shop-floor

J. S. D. Engineering Products – Steering shop-floor

“J. S. D. Engineering Products” consecrated in 2004, offers engineering services and is a pioneering manufacturer, supplier, and distributor with an exemplary range of hydraulic power devices, Hydraulic cylinders, Clamp Cylinders, manifold Blocks, hydraulic Press machines ( H- frame and C- frame), and Bailing Press, Intensifier, Hydraulic Bending machine, Hydraulic Scissor Lift.

We also provide all logistic services agglomerated over the purchase of the product to its final dispatch. We guarantee the quality of our products by using certified and tested raw materials. Our trained professionals are always available to guide you at every step. We are fully committed to provide best services to our buyers and honor their faith.

What company offers?

¨    The Company purveys an extensive array of Piston Pumps, Vane Pumps, Helical Gear Pumps, Variable Vane Pumps, Pressure Relief Valves, Pilot Operated Relief Valves, Directional Control Valves, Modular Valves, Accumulators, Flow Control Valves, and Automatic Saving Compactors worldwide.

¨    Additionally, the company offers Saving Control System for Hydraulic Units, Energy-Saving Hydraulic Units-equipped with Piston Pumps, Space-Saving & Low Noise Type Hydraulic Power Units, and Low Noise & Small Type Hydraulic Power Units.

¨    Our broad-spectrum variety of products are procured from reliable and staunch organizations like M/s Yuken India Limited. The manufacturers make products using high-grade raw material and other components. We use top-quality raw materials as well as other elements for manufacturing of products.

Why J. S. D. Engineering Products

¨    In fact, in line with appropriate quality specifications, we employ modern machinery & equipment and cutting-edge technology for the design and manufacture of goods.

¨    We are a good squad of professional engineers, qualified and un-skilled personnel, assisted by a support and after-sales service staff team.

¨    These products are in demand due to premium features such as reliability, robust design, smooth operation, high wear & tear resistance, and maximum sturdiness.

¨    We have risen at a reasonably good pace since the launch of hydraulic systems in 2019, offering our services and supplying our products to top names, and have undoubtedly generated our good will and notoriety in the hydrodynamics business.


Our achievements are Highest Sales Award. We have also been awarded Yuken India Limited in the year 2008. You can also check our work and services on other social media platforms. You can also check our YouTube channel where we have provided detailed videos regarding our products. We have mainly focused on products quality, parts, assembling procedure, etc. in order to generate transparency and faith within our customers.

Conceptualising fervour 

J. S. D. Engineering products prosper on its technical capacities to convey a strong influence to its clients that worked together in the past couple of years. It empowers us to cater better and faster by acing through the past understanding and fictionalizing the ability. The consorted efforts over two decades have resulted in impeccable innovation thereby hatching the corresponding providence decrees for the enterprise. It features that the quest for flawlessness by JSD is just an appearance of customer enchant. The company endeavours for continuous rationalization of its working mechanics in line contemporary technological developments.

The creative concepts of our team generate knowledge and assist the company to keep on track with the new industrial innovations. We still establish a significant inventory of products to satisfy the imminent market demand optimally.

Mr. Ajay Pandey, a well-known design Engineer, who mentors and leads the organisation has been the propelling force over the years. His visionary and quixotic wisdom has poised the organisation at successful precipices.


Our best team is always available to serve you. You can contact us and discuss your queries with our team.

Contact number- +919818079220

Email address- ajay@jsdgroup.in

Company’s official address: 5R/4 Gobind Bhawan NIT Faridabad – 121001

Factory official address – 2/5, Near Indane Gas Godown, Shiv Mandir Lane, Industrial

Area, Bazari, Faridabad-121001, Haryana