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Yuken Modular Valves :

Yuken Modular Valves :

Modular Valves are stack type valves, and require no piping. They not only rationalist system build, but they also meet the technical requirements for a variety of hydraulic systems. Stacking systems is a new era in hydraulics. The valves have standardized mounting surface conforming to ISO 4401 and optimum thickness for each size. Any hydraulic circuits can be easily composed by stacking the valves with mounting bolts. The valves can be used widely for hydraulic systems for various industries such as machine tools, special purpose machines, ships and steel mill equipment.

Features :

1.Installation and mounting space can be minimized.

  1. No special skill is required for assembly and any addition or alteration of the hydraulic circuit can be made quickly and easily.
  2. Problems such as oil-leaks, vibration and noise which may be caused by piping are minimized, increasing the reliability of the hydraulic system.
  3. Maintenance and system check-ups can be easily carried out as they are normally installed in stack able units.

Yuken : Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valve :

Dear friends today we are going to discuss about pressure relief valve :

Pressure relief valve : The purpose of a pressure relief valve is to control or limit surges of pressure within pipelines, acting as protection for the system, and defending against instrument or equipment failure. They are usually present in clean water industries. MGA Controls are experts in the specification and supply of Pressure Relief Valves for a wide range of industries and applications. Read on to find out more about the purpose of a pressure relief valve and pressure relief valve features.

The main purpose of a pressure relief valve is to protect life, environment and property. A pressure relief valve is a safety device, in numerous instances, the final safeguarding measure. It is important that the valve is maintained and operating at all times and under all circumstances.Pressure relief valve operation depends on the Singer pilot sensing upstream pressure through a connection to the valve inlet. The valve and pilot remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the pilot setting. The valve opens rapidly to relieve damaging overpressure and closes smoothly at an adjustable speed when the pressure returns below the set-point.

There are many kinds of pressure relief valves, however, spring-loaded relief valves are one of the most prevalent.Singer Dynamic Lifter is a direct-acting spring-loaded relief valve that opens when the inlet pressure exceeds the set-point and closes drip-tight when pressure falls below the set-point. A compact sewage relief valve that is suitable for high pressures up to 200psi, responds very quickly, and is compact enough to fit into the most stringent space requirements.

The pressure relief valve features are mentioned below :
-Low maintenance
-Hygienic and minimal time to flush and test operations
-Eliminates surges and prolongs pipe life
-Handles higher pressure applications effectively
-Closes drip-tight
-Premium materials reduce maintenance, providing the lowest long-term cost of ownership
-Adjustable closing speed
-Utilises compress air or plant air

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